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Established since 1998, Bio-Equip is a leading website for lab equipments, reagents, consumables and bio services. Our users come from different fields like life science, medical research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, modern agriculture, food safety and environment monitoring. Bio-Equip offer users a complete product directory which involves 158 product ranges among lab equipments, reagents, consumables, lab animals, bio services, cell lines, bio software and books.Serving users through two websites, (Chinese) and (English), we own over 20,000 registered suppliers and more than 500,000 pieces of product and technical service information with details of product description, price, sample downloading, technical articles and videos.

The Australian Society of Plant Scientists (ASPS) is an incorporated society that promotes Plant Science in Australia, and provides professional contact within our community of teachers and researchers in the plant sciences. JG Wood was the Foundation President of our Society and with RN Robertson, brought our Society to fruition. The Australian Society of Plant Scientists was founded on 19 August 1958 during an inaugural meeting at the University of Adelaide, at a time when physiological aspects of plant biology were beginning to grow rapidly within Australia. That early enthusiasm and a prevailing commitment to greater understanding of plant function remains undiminished. The full constitution of the society is available here. The Society can be broadly described as: A group of individuals who are deeply interested in how plants function. Providing a forum for sharing of knowledge so that the membership can build both the depth and breadth of knowledge of plant functions. Providing mutual support and collective mentorship. Recognising and rewarding excellence at all levels of scientific career development without fear or favour. Nurturing the next generation of plant scientists. Working on behalf of members to enhance their ability to do research and to educate others in plant sciences. Supporting a journal, Functional Plant Biology, that reflects the broad interests of the members. Organising the national conference ComBio and other symposia in association with other Australian scientific societies, to facilitate the dissemination of new research.

Biobased Press is an independent, non-sponsored website that takes a helicopter view of the biobased economy: it not just discusses business and research, but it also links to neighbouring areas like sustainability, energy, agriculture, policy and the economy.

ADC Bioscientific Ltd we build on nearly 50 years’ experience as manufacturers of research-driven, portable and intuitive instrumentation. Our renowned IR gas analysis technology is incorporated into devices used worldwide to analyse the carbon cycle throughout plant science, climate monitoring and soil respiration research for crop resilience. An impressive range of chlorophyll fluorometers, combined with advanced photosynthesis systems, enable C3 and C4 plant stress analysis to suit all budgets and applications. The latest Plant Stress Probe (PSP32) allows monitoring of up to 32 plants at once, both night and day for any length of time. Our latest in soil respiration systems; the EGA60, combines CO2 and H20 analysis in one versatile unit for multi-sample study.

iFL Integrated Fluorometer and Gas Exchange System is an online platform dedicated to micro-and nanotechnology products, services, research, investment, news and events. Nanobay’s visitors are scientists, researchers, business people, government, academia, and enthusiasts. offers a stage for international visibility and provides services including answers on technical questions or finding the right partners, suppliers, products or technology for companies or institutes. Register for free under